Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, in one of my other posts, I was telling you of how miserable I have felt.
 Man, it's like it's night and day now. I am feeling back to my "normal" self.
 I am not entirely sure what to think, really. My blood tests showed a low T3. My regular Dr. was not very concerned, but told me that if I was converting poorly, it could be due to some vitamin deficiencies. So, I ramped up my supplements, and my veggie and fruit intake. I am also making an appt with a endo who is a holistic practitioner as well, as I do not want to take those horrible symptoms lightly. Also, i have to be on the look out if I cycle through events like that and see if it could possibly be fibromyalgia. Apparently people with Fibro, also show a low t3 on blood tests.
Anyway. The debilitating exhaustion that lingered for two awful weeks followed by insomnia is gone. But I am still getting random joint issues on and off. So we'll see..
Also, I have been listening to Ekhart Tolle's, " A New Earth" audiobook, and man, I am soaking that up. He has an especially good bit on living with children.  I have known about what he speaks of, and how it rings true, but sometimes you just need to hear it in a different context to revive and solidify that thought in your mind and to clearly see it in your everyday life practice.
Huge thumbs up for that particular book.
Anyway, we keep waiting and waiting on spring. She gives us a tease and then a snap of cold again.
But the greenness and rebirth of lush is coming back and we are seeing more and more signs daily. And for that I am thankful.
Anyway we have been
just love it.
Friendly baking,
and tic tac toeing

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Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better.