Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Train rides and more!

A's Aunt had a big surgery at a hospital in NYC, so we trekked out to give her a visit. My kids have never been on a train or to Grand Central Station, so it was high time.
They loved it! 
But then it got long. It is over an hour away with all the stops.
M and K were very sweet to each other.
 And E bounced all over the seats.
Finally he power napped 10 min before we arrived.
Grand Central has a ton of food from many countries,
and we were hungry.
 Chinese and falafels were the picks.
The kids loved being in the main lobby of the station.
Especially when they saw all the constellations on the ceiling.
Sorry about the wonky photos, but my camera died a tragic death, and M was sweet enough to share hers, and I am learning her camera.
So we walked on
and much to Mr. K's happiness
artist painted BMW's.
That was a nice thing to see at a train station, in an unexpected sort of way.
Next we found a cab,
They were a little concerned about the lack of booster seats...
Then we spotted a radiation fallout shelter, which sparked a really cool conversation. 
I love that!
After our visit with our Aunt, we walked and found this cool playground, under a bridge
So we had a nice run there.
Then it was cab time again
This time, kind really happy about no car seat.
And a giant taxi tv!
So we drove around
and around
because this was our drivers first day on the job, 
 and he got a little lost, and that was ok.
 We last minute decisioned to take M to the American Girl store!
and she picked an outfit!
 and then she walked on down 5th Ave with American Girl pride...
and we walked back to the station and had a long train ride home.
And it was a lovely day for all on a Thursday.
I love our free life.
The End.


Stephanie said...

A big day in the big apple big city.

RunninL8 said...

NYC just ROCKS with kids! So much fun! I enjoyed growing up within a 1/2 hr of the city and always look foward to our visits! Glad you had a great time!

Three Mommies said...

And you got a day of sunshine to boot!