Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week

First, I just wanted to apologize if my previous dead rat post disturbed anyone.
I am a very loveable person, but sometimes disturbing. I post pics of decomposing chickens, poo, and dead rats.
My bad.
I know some of you are vegetarians, and have deep respect for all life.
Don't tell PETA on me.
I am sorry. But, posts like this may slip out again.
Moving on!
M and K had two days of Common Ground classes. 
So, after we dropped them off, we hit the chicken yard.
I, personally, am a fan of Turkeys with blue/red heads.
 E is all about chickens.
Especially this one.
 He asked what it was called.
I told him it was a Polish Top Hat.
He said, Can we get some Poli hot heads, too, Mama?
Wicked cute.
Of course, I then was obliged to say, Why yes, you can have some Poli hot heads of your very own!
  Anyway, this week, I had ten hours alone with just E.
 That was a treat. He mostly never has me all alone.
With out the others.
 It was fun.
He had been wanting a dinosaur toy for a while.
So we headed out to the store for this very special treat.
We walked up and down the aisle's.
Not a whole lot of cool dino's.
We happened to pass the $30.00 clearance shelf.
E spotted it.
There it was in all it's glory!
THE dinosaur!
 I saw it last year at Xmas time and it was 129.00.
 I was not sure if it was worth it, so I did not get it for him. 
I wasn't really sure on the price, because the dinosaurs box was unmarked.
Maybe it had been misplaced?
Thankfully, there was an employee close by.
 I asked him if he could check if it was indeed  30 bucks.
 He scanned it with his handy gadget.
It was 64.99
I said, Oh. That is too bad. I would have paid the 30.00 for it.
 He said that he was the floor model/display, and would change the price to 30.
So we now have a really cool remote control dino for E.
It was in the stars, I guess.
But really, that boy was over the moon.


Stephanie said...

Aw, man!!
That's not because I was teasing you, was it?
Because... you know... I always tease you about such things!
Because I tease everyone I know and love!
I love that we have bones, scat, dung, decomposition, poo, and other crap :) in common!

I'll just sit here and worry until I talk to you....

mamak said...

Oh no! Not you. I know all about you... :>)
I know you get that sly smile and shake your head, but completely understand my metal processes. Or I would like to think. I worry about the others though, the ones who now may think I am twisted, and ,and cruel. I am sure everything is fine, but sometimes I am not sure if other people will see it as I do, and find me to be a tool. :>) -K

Stephanie said...

(Not that you're worried about others.)

Look - if people can't take the fact that farmers -organic farmers, no less- don't want their seed destroyed (and diseased) by rodent poo, and get offended by the fact that a FARM CAT does its job (follows its instinct and entertains itself) ON A FARM then too damn bad.
Sheesh. Circle of life, man.

And as far as your Extreme Fondness :) for such things... they should just be glad that not everyone likes and enjoys the same things - one of my favorite sayings is "It's a good thing we don't all want the exact same things... or this world could be an ugly place."
Not all of us want to live in a three million dollar home two feet away from our neighbors, or want a Thursday appointment to get our nails done a Saks' salon.
(Does Saks have a salon? I made that up.)

Someone on this earth has to be interested in bones and poo!!

mamak said...

I think I love you!

Stephanie said...

Oh -
and the crazy expensive dino thing for thirty bucks??!
Trev was interested, too (of course) but I thought maybe too elementary for him.
I mean, I wouldn't mind too elementary it it wasn't for the thousand dollars!