Tuesday, April 21, 2009

River fish

So, K is onto minnows this year. I think I have indoctrinated him with my love of fishing.
Anyway, he has been wide eyed telling me about this huge fish with a fin that has been living in the river.
 You know, I thought it was just a really large Minnow like this.
 But no, he insisted it was MUCH bigger.
Now, I am not saying that I did not believe him. All I am saying is the boy has a big imagination. And I was sure that this was the largest fish HE had seen in THIS river type of thing.
 So this weekend, he was in the river, and yelled that he had caught it.
 He held up the net, and whatever was in there was large!
I think I may have actually said holy crap K, I'll be right there, or some such. I would not put it past me.
So, I made it to the river, and the boy had netted a rock bass! Maybe 7-8 inches!
But, he has been telling me on and off about this fish for a while, and the fish was not well.
 It had sores from rubbing on the rocks and trying to live in a too shallow for it river.
The plan was to let it go, and recapture later and release in another pond.
When we finally had a moment to do just that, and we could not find the ding dong creature.
After 10 minutes or so, super sleuth K found it wedged sideways under a rock.
It did not look well.
At all.
 So we put it in a 5 gallon bucket with some stress coat,
which replaces the slime layer on fish, and has aloe in it to soothe fish as well.
We headed to the local tadpole pool to release it.
I swear that this fish, after we released it,
swam on the surface and came right back to us. 
 stayed for a few seconds, and then retreated to rest on the bottom of the pond.
 How cool is that? He said, Thanks!
How shiny is the creeklings Karma? Very shiny!
So anyway, that was a good day.
 Probably for the fish, too.
 We'll check on the pond in a few days to see if he is floating or not.
 Well, it would be nice to know..
So then, we headed to the local schools new playground for a romp.
Because, well, we do pay taxes,
So we can be on school property and use it right?
 Anyway, it's a nice play ground, and we'll use it now and then.
 On the weekends and stuff...


Anonymous said...

yea! you saved the fish! you and hte creeklings rock! i hope the little guy makes it ok.

denise said...

Cool fish story. I love that.

Stephanie said...

If we had one closer we'd use it!

I'm so glad you were able to save your friend Fish! (well, hopefully he's saved.)
Maybe he'll tell stories about you to his grandchildren. Er... grandfishdren.