Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, the sun has been beaming. yesterday was the best day yet. It was warm enough for short sleeves and no feeling chilly!
We had a good long romp with our friends.
I noticed our first bit of flowers (blurry phone camera, sorry),
and then I noticed some yellow ones in the wetland area. They look like big buttercups.
It was awesome to see the days of playing all day outside returning again.
Man, I can't wait for summer and all the adventures it brings, and the random slowness to our days.
Lazy summer.
Anyway, this was a week of forgetting the camera most of the time. We did have a chicken pox playdate with a very contagious child. 
 Fingers crossed, M and K still need them. I am hopefull that one of them may get it as they had a cold at the time of exposure. Hopefully their immune system was down enough to be virused. I mean this is only like the 11th time they have been exposed.
The only slight issue is that we leave for Disney in 15 days. Kinda bad timing, but I could not pass the exposure by! I may have itchy kids riding dumbo...
But I figure most kids are vacc'ed. The kids who are not will be home again before we ruin their vacation, and we are helping all the adults and elderly not get shingles...
We'll see..
What else happened?
Carly got her feet trimmed. 
That's always fun to watch.
K has been salamander hunting!

Goats are loving the weather and are eating the weeds as they pop up.
Chickens are still sitting. I have had to replace one whole clutch of chickens eggs already, as one of the sitters is a ditzy chicken and forgets her eggs, and they get freezing cold, and she kills the embryo's.
 I cracked open some to see the stages of the embryos. They were in various stages. some not fertilized. The biggest embryo was the size of a quarter. I went down to get the  kids to show them, but Odie the dog, had a snack when I was gone...
 Not that gross I suppose, it's a delicacy in some countries. I know because we have seen it on bizarre foods.
M has found a new interest in reading. She can read pretty well, but never would do it with out me suggesting spending 15 mins reading to me. She is picking up books on her own again and really trying to sound out more complicated words. She reads to her friend Ava on the phone, she locks her self in my room with snacks and refreshments and peruses books.
Of course, I love it, but play it cool as a cuke.
 Much river play.
The only other image I have on my camera this week is recycling organizing. We pre- separate the glass, metal, plastic, so that when A takes it to the center, it's a snap.
The kids love to separate it, but there is always blood and band aides involved.
But we do it for the Earth, you know?


Stephanie said...

I love the picture of M reading. :)
You're right - gotta play it cool.

Looks like lots of natural investigatin' and discoverin' - I love that.

Amber said...

Oh your world is just lovely. I love the animal shots, how fortunate your babies grow with all this creatures...xx

RunninL8 said...

OH! You are making me pine for spring!!!! Still under snow here on the mountain but at least down below most of the snow is gone! We'll have to go down to search for life!
Man, I f I could have a do-over, I so would like to have a hobby farm....