Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kitchen science

First get in a happy pouring sort of mood.
Next find even more stuff to put in the mix.
Have at it,
stir like mad.
Find even more things to dump in.
Look for signs of bubbles or fizz.
But if nothing happens, it's still just fun.


Dawn said...

My kids LOVE to do the same thing!!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

A very big favorite at our house, as well ;)

Lynnie said...

When I was a kid me and my brother and sister stayed at home alone after school while our mom worked (does that even happen anymore?) and we LOVED "making concoctions"! My mom would come home and think, "Ummm, where did all the ketchup go?" Not fun to clean up after, but TONS of fun to do!

Amber said...

Oh I love the eager look on their faces..sooo cute.
Oh and i love that big wooden table it is so nice....xx