Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth day!

Trash pick up in our yard,
 and the woods, 
and in the river.
Explored the process of decaying logs.
Tracked critters such as racoons.
Climbed a treestand.
Cajoled a dog.
among us.
 Even orange.
Bear poop.
No shit!
Fiddle heads.
lush moss.
carpenter ants.
 River flowers.
Skunk cabbage.
Arborial love.
Bones in the grass.
Saw the movie "Earth", with a gaggle of friends.
Oh, how we love you big blue planet.


Stephanie said...


Especially for you because there was bones and poo.

mamak said...

Oh how I love Bones and Poo! Giggle...

Anonymous said...

there's just so much beauty over at the creek :)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Ok...all this is your yard?
We need to come visit!

mamak said...

Yes, you should come visit. We have a lovely 9 acres for you to fully enjoy!