Monday, April 20, 2009

Ears lowered

Well, another unsuccessful attempt for K at growing out his hair a bit. This year was better than last years attempt, as his hair has thickened some. It just did not look well, it made him look sickly.
 Or something.
 Better luck next year I guess.
So being that this boy has some sensory issues, a haircut is a really HARD thing for him to tolerate.
I do it myself, as going to a place would be horrendous for all involved.
There is usually swearing on both sides, a lot of running away, and catching,
and it literally takes an hour and a half.
BUT, I have gotten quite handy with a clipper.
 I thought that this was one of my best cuts yet.
Maybe, I finally have something I can fall back on...
BUT this boy, this wiley creature,
shall always have wild hair. For it has a mind of it's own,
 and is as untamed as the boy it grows from.


julie said...

you did a great job on his hair!

Beverly said...

I say curly-haired people can get away with the wild thing. And it is a nice haircut!

Stephanie said...

Trev hated them, too - with a passion!- for a long while.
Now it's mostly a matter of "can't stop long enough to get my bangs cut".

ps my verefication word is hooters. giggle.