Friday, April 24, 2009

Cats and rats!

So, the barn cats, Jack and Sky, have been doing such a fine job of reducing the numbers of the local rodent population that love to raid the grain in our barn. 
The barn cats find this sort of mouse hunt to be pure paradise.
And well, I don't much object to such predator/prey activity.
I see it as the natural alternative to a horrible bleeding out death due to rat poison.
My lovely cats predatorial needs are met.
The circle of life is fullfilled.
And natural balance is acheived.
Oh, and one less mite ridden, goat infecting, grain stealing, over breeding creature to contend with..


Stephanie said...

With a big beaming smile, she says, "Niiice, K!!! Congratulations!"

Then walks away rolling her eyes.



Now that the teasing is over, I'll say "oof, rats." And that I think I've seen the last of the mice in the house for a few months. Sheesh. So many this year. Think it was all the bird seed spilled around every couple of days. :/

mamak said...

Hee hee.
I do feel a bit bad for the death and all. But they are just so, so destroying, diseased, and they over take everything with their over breeding.
My cats are happy though.
My house seems to be finally cleared as well. We had a very mousy winter here too. But I think mine was do to rampant snacking and crumbs... Kids, you know..-K