Sunday, April 26, 2009

A birthday party!

On Friday! 
and Dung balls!
Not really, but just like it.
With out the poo.
I'll get to that in a moment, because it is very cool.
Like cool enough that you will want to do it.
So the party,
 there was
spin art!
mash tent
then candy
a bag full 
a really
home made 
and candy!
So I have to tell you before I move on to dung balls, that the home made telescope that works really well, led us into a discussion that the Yale telescopes/observatory that is located in my town, were open that night for a public showing. It is literally 4 streets down from us. After a quick bath and dinner, we waited till the stars came out and headed over. We saw Saturn! For real! It looked like a glow in the dark one that you hang in your room. We saw it's rings, it's moon. It was SO, so cool!
 We'll be doing that again!
 Ok, so the dung balls. They only look like dung balls. But they are are actually seed bombs.
First you take powdered clay
then potting medium
like a 50/50 mix
combine well.
Then add a bunch of wild flower seeds.
spray with water while mixing
mix the moisture around but do not saturate.
If it's made too wet, the seeds will start to germinate.
 Then roll into little dung balls 
and set out to dry.
Now you can chuck these bombs into an empty lot, or anywhere else you deem in need of pretty wild flowers. 
The birds and bees will adore you.
Note: you may confuse the crap out of a beetle.


Stephanie said...

Lovelovelove the telescope. Did you guys make it, or your friends? (Maybe I missed that part.)
And love the dung balls.
(We're gonna have to do this.)
Aside from the fact that we've been discussing this for two days... I can't pass up a chance to say...
"Dung balls? At a birthday party?
Really, K, only You."

Stephanie said...

Oh - and what is a mash tent?

mamak said...

Hey you!
Well the dung balls and the home made telescope is all my friends doing!
But I tend to hang with the poo likers and such ( ha!)
I am just passing it all along.
Remember that show Mash? well that tent is like 40 years old, and reminded me of those tents.
So really not that all intriguing...
Have fun with the dung balls!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Ok, the dung bombs are awesome. I'm all over spreading the flower love.
I would also love to know how they made the telescope. So cool.
looks like another amazing day.