Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you can't beat them

EAT them!
And so we did.
I love dandelions, though. I can't really believe that people put pesticides on their lawn to eradicate these?
They are so yellow.
The bees love them.
You can eat the flower and leaves too.
So we got wind of a recipe and decided that we should really try it out.
And so we did.
First gather the
 tops of the flower.
wash well.
I soaked them so the bugs would come off. Although, we never saw any bugs.
Next pat them dry.
Make your batter.
1 egg
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour.
I also added spices to it.
but next time I won't, and I will explain why in a few.
 Next, Dip each Dandy into the batter so that it covered. Then fry them in a pan with olive oil until both sides are golden brown.
Drain off excess oil on a towel.
Taste test! Dipped in ranch dressing!
It passed!
We also decided to toss some in a cinnamon/sugar mix for a sweet treat.
 This is why I would for-go the spice next time. The ranch dressing masked the flavor of the spices anyway.
We all really liked the sweeter version better. So the added spices make no sense for this reason alone.
Some of the dandelions had a bitter after taste, and the sugar helped with that as well.
The recipe was sourced from:
I think we will try to locate more local edible plants and try them out this summer.
It will be a very local summer for sure!
I had a lot of excess batter left over. 
So, we shredded up a yellow squash, some carrots, onion, and garlic.
Mixed it in with the batter.
And made a bunch of fritters.
yummy stuff.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lovely Saturday

And it was in the 80's!
I was like a pig in poo!
 Finally, hot pavement, absorbing heat, scorching toes. 
sun tea brewing.
got ready for returning dear friends.
we really enjoyed each time,
those little birds flitted over for a sugar snack.
Can't wait for their return.
Played with expired sun print paper, because
A) we wanted to see what would happen.
Mama has no idea where she put the ones she ordered a few weeks ago...
It was pretty week. 
expired for sure.
painted pottery
sweetness' helper
 An end of day
ride on a friend,
And we ate dandelions. 
We fried them.
In a batter!
Will tell of soon!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kooky kid

I'm the goofy goofer yeah!

A birthday party!

On Friday! 
and Dung balls!
Not really, but just like it.
With out the poo.
I'll get to that in a moment, because it is very cool.
Like cool enough that you will want to do it.
So the party,
 there was
spin art!
mash tent
then candy
a bag full 
a really
home made 
and candy!
So I have to tell you before I move on to dung balls, that the home made telescope that works really well, led us into a discussion that the Yale telescopes/observatory that is located in my town, were open that night for a public showing. It is literally 4 streets down from us. After a quick bath and dinner, we waited till the stars came out and headed over. We saw Saturn! For real! It looked like a glow in the dark one that you hang in your room. We saw it's rings, it's moon. It was SO, so cool!
 We'll be doing that again!
 Ok, so the dung balls. They only look like dung balls. But they are are actually seed bombs.
First you take powdered clay
then potting medium
like a 50/50 mix
combine well.
Then add a bunch of wild flower seeds.
spray with water while mixing
mix the moisture around but do not saturate.
If it's made too wet, the seeds will start to germinate.
 Then roll into little dung balls 
and set out to dry.
Now you can chuck these bombs into an empty lot, or anywhere else you deem in need of pretty wild flowers. 
The birds and bees will adore you.
Note: you may confuse the crap out of a beetle.