Sunday, March 22, 2009

The week in review!

Ok, I don't really know where my time has been going, but I haven't really sat down to post often. I would like to step it up, and aim for twice weekly. It just seems that the weeks are flying by. I can't figure out why that is? We have not been abnormally busy, and my house is still messy...
I have been helping the kids a lot more. They all of a sudden have all these interests. Plus, the weather has been pleasant enough to get out and ride bikes, and tromp through the woods before it gets really ticky.
Anyway, here is is the camera purge!
 We moved the giant blackboard upstairs.
We love it now. It was getting no use in that room downstairs. At all. But now it is abuzz with art, words, reminders. Every morning we wake up to a message that Daddy has left us. It's been great.
K is absorbed in Lego creations.
We have had the legos for two years, but he never had much an interest. All of sudden they are the hottest things!
Eating outside is all the rage.
We have been doing it often. It was pretty silent at first, but we are pleased to hear more bird calls everyday!
The kids have noticed some minnows in the creek. They have been using fish food to try to lure them closer. It was not working so well. So they thought that leaving them with a spiritual idol would help to bring them better luck. 
We have been exploring the signs of spring around us. We have found skunk cabbage poking up.
We noticed some cool bumpy balls inside them.
We decided to see what exactly that was, and realized that is what makes the cabbage smell so darn skunky.
I had to restrain K from harvesting them all for personal stink bomb usage. Although, that was a clever idea.
A lovely nest.
Deer poop.
 Just pretty.
First green things!
Looking for fox dens
Green machines
Turned, and waiting.
First trip all the way to the mailbox alone. 
It's a long walk folks!
Making a mess
Checking out the catalogs.
more cleaning
 Dancing to motown.
 Tag sales
Making their own meals now.
 That rocks, by the way!
Corn starch and water.
Swell, week, eh?-K


denise said...

Looks like a busy fun week! Great pix.

MamaLou said...

Messy house? What do you mean, aren't you at home all day???? What do you do with yourself???*tongue stuck firmly in cheek*

Joy said...

That looks like an amazing week! Much fun there. :)

Lynnie said...

Looks like you covered just about all the bases possible in one week! I don't think I have ever seen skunk cabbage. Sounds like a pretty interesting discovery!