Saturday, March 14, 2009

spring for a little.

Remember last week when I said we were gifted a taste of spring? 
Of course I photo'd it!
Where does one hang out on the creek when it's near 60?
UP at the BARN!
In fact, we raced!
We called out our friends!
 They enjoyed our presence.
We Tree'd!
 And poked tree'd butts!
We treated roosters
as parrots.
The girls layed out and flopped in the sun.
I am sure we were gifted extra vitamin D in our eggs the next day.
I mean they were lounging!
 We hiked in the woods and found a hunting stand.
We rode.
M and A went to a girl scout daddy and daughter Pj party.
We went to a maple sugaring event at Common ground.
 Sap dogs were a fave.
They are hot dogs boiled in sugar maple sap, and man they were tasty!
We drank sugar tree sap.
Good stuff, that.
We went to watch it boil down into syrup.
We saw the process through graded jars.
 We ate pancakes with friends.
Found some more friends at a small pond.
K saw his first frog of the season!
We captured their Chickens, and gave love freely,
whether it was appreciated or not.
It was a good day!
Today is supposed to be 50 after a week in the 30's!


Stephanie said...

It's all lovely!!
We're s'posed to have 52 today, then after tomorrow from 57-62 thru the next 10 days!! woohoo!!

That official day comes soon -- we can be as optimistic as we like - we can call 50 degrees Spring-- instead of a fluke! :)

Dawn said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Abram talks about you guys ALL the time!!

Anonymous said...

that maple sapping party musta been so cool. i've heard about htat but never seen anything like it. and sap dogs...?? hmmmm?

Amber said...

Life is so rich there. How beautiful...xxxx

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Your yard seems amazing. The barn, the nice.