Monday, March 2, 2009

projects and stuff

Well, we are still dabbling with our unit study and enjoying it a lot.
We made a few neat projects that I will share. We are talking all about communities. We are starting off small and then eventually how they meld into the nation, and then globally.
So we were going to do a representational map of our street, but there are acres between houses, so we did a map of our drive way and yard, which in itself is very large!
They came out so great!
 Then on another day, we made up our own towns, and made a 3D map.
K named his Jaws town. 
Because of the man eating sharks in the water.
See those fins?
 He very smartly located the town hospital on the beach.
What a guy!
 M dubbed her village, Horse town.
It came out great. She has a community chicken coop, a town horse, which eveybody plays with and cares for, and a whole foods market.
Oh what a vision!
Today we are onto community figures.
We had a warm day, in which we headed off to the park for some fast action.
M passed on riding due to a crabby moment and helmet issues.
Today, we are back to living in a snow globe.
The kids have gotten so savvy in the kitchen.
They hardly ask for help preparing snacks and toaster oven cooking.
They make a mean bowl of oatmeal, and toast an english muffin that will knock your socks off
K is learning how to poach eggs. 
 So great.
 They even try and clean up after.
All the water on the floor means an extra clean part as a sweet bonus!
I am itching for spring, so we can ride our friend even more.
Because the view from here
is just perfect.-K


Stephanie said...

How is she doing? Carly?

More snow!
Wanna come help me transplant strawberries today? And to dig/rotate/strew compost?

mamak said...

Carly is doing so well. I am her favorite person, she is warm at best to A!
Yes. More snow. lots.
YES! I would treasure garden tending with you!-K

denise said...

Sweet! I love your checkerblock wood floor. Those drawings are awesome! We did some map making last month of our neighborhood and all that - and now we have been working on our garden. I like the 3-D paper fun...we'll have to try that.