Thursday, March 5, 2009

M's new hardware

M got some kind of heavy duty device stuck in her mouth.

On purpose.
She is like a robot girl now.
Very special stuff.
She has a wicked cross bite, so she is now the proud wearer of a palate expander.
First she had to get spacers.
Then a mouth mold,
Then they had to stuff that big mambojamma up in there.
See, like I said,


Pax said...

Brings back memories. Putting the "key" in and opening it a little more each time. But it worked!

mamak said...

Pax! Was ikt your sons or for you? Braces is phase two. EEEKK!

Pax said...

My sons. I was perfect! Yeah right.

denise said...

Yowch! My husband had all that done, I think. Definitely robo! :)