Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, we have been keeping busy and playing a ton. We had a few great days of springness, and it revived me. We had a cold freezing rain sort of day, but I was ok and still feeling fine from all the sunshine and fresh air I took in on the weekend.
Man, I can't wait for spring!
 So the boys were gifted some storm trooper guns and now they are all about imaging storm troopers and other things that are lurking in the solar system.
Sigh, my boys adore guns. At one point in my parenting journey, I would have discouraged that for more peaceful play, but they love it so, and get hours of joy that I am a ok about it now.
So, hmmm, We have done funny things to E.
 He was a little pissed, but laughs about it now.
Speaking of E,
he is such a baker and has been getting so much pleasure from baking tasty treats with me.
Oh, this was exciting for us, one of our turkeys laid an egg.
We have now had about four. they are equivalent to 2 chicken eggs, and taste identical.
E has also grown to love busy workbooky stuff like his big sister.
K has taken a new interest in drawing and narrating his story.
He has a ton of imagination that he loves to share with us. It's so refreshing to see how excited and animated he becomes.
We saw a seal show at the aquarium.
They can really leap out of the water like a dolphin.
 The kids loved it.
 K found a baby sea star at the aquarium.
 Aren't they so cute?
At the blacksmith shop at the seaport, E stole all the firewood and played with it for a long time.
It's always the simple things! That could have been awkward seeing as it was just us and the blacksmith. But it turns out the blacksmith lived down the street from our old house, and knew the true story of the yankee doodle song that originated from my old hometown. The guy who wrote that song lived there and was buried in a cemetery that the kids and I used to poke around in.
Cool stuff!
It was also at the seaport that we spotted a wild harbor seal resting on the dock.
Seems to have a bum eye.
We wondered if it was rehabilitated by the aquarium down the street and released.
Played on 
Tried to get on this boat that is rumored to have a ghost, but it was closed for the day.
Next time.
K is all warrior lately.
Ok, I have a bunch more photos, but I'll save those for tomorrow!-K