Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I have a lot going on. Not all good, but it's not too bad. It seems like I may be suffering from Hypothyroidism. 
I thought this winter that I had the doldrums, the winter blues, or whatever.
But it just kept getting worse.
Bone numbing tired,
panick attacks,
freezing cold. all the time
body aches.
I guess that's why I could not find the energy to even post often.
 So finally, I get enough brain cells together to go and see my Dr.
I really like her. But it felt that she only wanted to see me as depressed and with anxiety.
I so knew that I was not.
So they did a routine EKG. It came back abnormal. Weird rhythms, VPC, palpitations. And they found a heart murmur!
 It was only then that they changed their tune, and said that they see this with Thyroid patients.
I hate when Dr.s just don't LISTEN. I said over and over that I suspected it was my Thyroid.
But why/how would I know? I am not a Dr. just a person who lives in MY body. Everyday for the past 34 years.
 I asked for a Lyme's test, just to be on the safe side.
Anyway, I went this morning to do the blood test.
 I am anxiously awaiting the results.
I have a cardiologist appt. scheduled as well, to see what the Dilly is with my heart.
Anyway, I feel like someone who is off in space, a robot in slow motion. It really explains my wacky emotions lately as well.
 I am positive that there will be much better days ahead.
Anyway, even though we have been laying low, we always have some pictures to share!
 The other day, we went to a local park to wander through the woods with friends.
Then we hit a local ice cream shop that we have never been to. 
It was the best one yet!
 So very,
very good.
 We found the smallest ever chicken egg!
This is it compared to a normal egg.
 We cracked it open,
alas! a fart egg!
Anyway, I hope to have more news in a few days. I am doing ok, just a little beat up. No need to worry, but cyber hugs are always nice!-K

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The week in review!

Ok, I don't really know where my time has been going, but I haven't really sat down to post often. I would like to step it up, and aim for twice weekly. It just seems that the weeks are flying by. I can't figure out why that is? We have not been abnormally busy, and my house is still messy...
I have been helping the kids a lot more. They all of a sudden have all these interests. Plus, the weather has been pleasant enough to get out and ride bikes, and tromp through the woods before it gets really ticky.
Anyway, here is is the camera purge!
 We moved the giant blackboard upstairs.
We love it now. It was getting no use in that room downstairs. At all. But now it is abuzz with art, words, reminders. Every morning we wake up to a message that Daddy has left us. It's been great.
K is absorbed in Lego creations.
We have had the legos for two years, but he never had much an interest. All of sudden they are the hottest things!
Eating outside is all the rage.
We have been doing it often. It was pretty silent at first, but we are pleased to hear more bird calls everyday!
The kids have noticed some minnows in the creek. They have been using fish food to try to lure them closer. It was not working so well. So they thought that leaving them with a spiritual idol would help to bring them better luck. 
We have been exploring the signs of spring around us. We have found skunk cabbage poking up.
We noticed some cool bumpy balls inside them.
We decided to see what exactly that was, and realized that is what makes the cabbage smell so darn skunky.
I had to restrain K from harvesting them all for personal stink bomb usage. Although, that was a clever idea.
A lovely nest.
Deer poop.
 Just pretty.
First green things!
Looking for fox dens
Green machines
Turned, and waiting.
First trip all the way to the mailbox alone. 
It's a long walk folks!
Making a mess
Checking out the catalogs.
more cleaning
 Dancing to motown.
 Tag sales
Making their own meals now.
 That rocks, by the way!
Corn starch and water.
Swell, week, eh?-K

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And the goodness rolls on!

We have been having a rockin' good time as of late.
The spring weather is slowly returning and the daily rays are surely adding more happiness and energy back in my soul. I was really low on the good vibes. Winter had me tapped out. I feel it though, slowly welling deep within. It's me, I am back in my skin, ready to do, feel, explore, GO!
Anyway, I have been doing more, forgetting about the camera a lot, trying to really be in the moment, an active participant, not just documenter.
My kids are growing so fast, I have been reminded that life is short, I just want to be with my family and be really immersed in all of it. They will be all grown quickly. I need to inhale it all while the juice is fast flowing, and so so sweet.
But, I did take some pictures of course!
 We have sword fought with new friends.
Loved to play and create with food dye, 
it's even cooler looking after some time in the freezer.
Boy tubbed,
Made beautiful randomly,
and with extra care.
Girl melee,
and piles,
and pizza.
Put thoughts down,
Tore up 
uninspiring places,
 to create inspiring,
all involving place of fun.
Caught THE first frog of the season
Played with Grandpa.
Treated to 4 year old perspectives
Played out in the sun.
The sound of the creek has begged
for the return of our feet.-K