Thursday, February 12, 2009


The Chickens are hanging in. 
Sadness though.
Mama Chicken is free ranging in the great pasture beyond.
She died about 12 hours after the last post.
We gave her a big shot of AB's, but she was just struggling to breathe so much. She would not eat or drink. I think she was just exhausted and could not fight any longer.
I told E about her passing. He laughed and giggled like he did about Nigel. He won't get it until he goes up there and sees for himself that she is not there.
 I have two others that are in particularly bad shape.
I think one may pass, but am not sure. The one I really thought would die last night, pulled through.
We are still medicating them.
I think though that most will make it. But because they are now carriers, this will happen again. I can't add any new birds to this contaminated flock.
 It's been a weird few days.
Lot's of unexpected sad news, all around here lately.
Life is short.
and so so precious.
 I am going to try to live each day and concentrate on our most happy things, and not dwell in the wishes of would haves or maybes.
 I love my life and the choices I have made, the friends and family I have.
Life, it's the only one you have got, and if your not happy, change that.

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Three Mommies said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mama Chicken. Hugs for E and everyone.