Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, this week flew by!

I am trying to find my balance, I feel the need for a new rhythm. The kids have carved themselves out quite a good one. I have been tweaking mine here and there to match theirs, so that I am more productive and efficient with our time. It has been working out so well, but I lost a lot of computer time. This morning, I am trying to see if this time slot works to get a blog post done. Through out the day, in bits, I am able to read email, and others blogs, but finding that chunk needed to get mine done has proved elusive.
It's all good though, my house is staying tidy, the kids have me when needed, and we are getting a lot of stuff done. At the end of my day, I know that we have put the day to constructive use, and somehow my house is in some form of togetherness, and we have had time to really dabble in the kitchen to make some great nourishing things together.
It has been great.
That's where I have been.
The kids each want one on one time to explore, finish personal projects, stories, and topics that they are really interested in; with out brothers and sisters hijacking it. So really, I have to carve out three hours of my day to help little individuals have one on one time to do whatever they please, all alone, with just me. 
 That has been really great.
For each of us.
But it's a whole reformatting of my day.
 And that takes tweaking.
 But we are all so happy!
 So again, it's good.
 Ok, time to empty some camera contents again.
 I am so behind!
Let's do all things related to food, this time ok?
 First and foremost, E is now an orange peeling Master!
 He is so excited.
A while ago, M was away at a sleep over, so A, the boys and I, hit the Mexican joint because Mama wanted to suck down one of these!
 And it was all that and a basket of tortillas.
E was all about the crayons and the color page placemat.
He was pretty good, despite being E.
K could not wait 
till these guys
came and sang to us!
E thought his burrito was perfect. 
And it was a great night.
Some time, a few moons ago, we had some friends over for a make your own pizza night.
 Two different families came. One who was returning M from the sleep over, and Julie and her family.
 It was a lot of fun,
and really tasty.
Then two of the girls where Marlin had her sleepover with the previous night decided to stay at our place that night.
 The little sister got home sick 20 min after her parents left so they had to double back.
 Poor thing.
 The remaining girls put on quite a fashion show.
Look out!
 K was so intrigued.
M had another sleep over with another friend recently. 
As you can tell, the girl has a lot of sleepovers.
They might possibly be her favorite activity.
I happen to like them because some how they involve eating.
 When we returned her friend, we stayed for dinner.
It involved amazing sausage.
 so good.
Anyway, yesterday we had a fun romp in the kitchen. it was great, and the kids were quite involved, and creative.
We made veggie soup.
This was all E's.
 he was quite proud of HIS soup.
We made open faced ham and cheese sandwiches. 
This was K's job.
He watched them broil. Like a hawk. They were so so good. Quizno's has nothing on us.
 M decided to make smoothies with our abundance of fruit. It was so yummy and it reminded us of summer.
 Oh, summer.
 Come quickly.
 We whipped up a batch of birthday brownies, for the birthday child.
And we lit some candles,
and a 4 year old,
blew them out.
 K played music for our kitchen entertainment.
 And it was lovely.
 All of it.-K

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Anonymous said...

no wonder the week flew by! you guys are always doing something fantastic. even though it flew by, it seems as though it did so with style and grace. cheers!