Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sixth photo/folder

Amber tagged me in a wee game. The rules are this:
You take your sixth folder of pictures and you choose the sixth photo in there. Post it and write something.
This is my photo!
I remember this day clearly. We were all getting over the flu or some such. I was so happy to be unschooling in general. Not much has changed there. But it was that whole new paradigm shift love fest thing that goes on. When you finally know that this decision is so right for you and your family and it feels like your riding a huge wave of contentment. That was a particular day of Joy.
Read this to feel my happy vibe!
It was weird to see the kids all little...
Oh, and so I have to tag six folks.
Right, so
Can't wait to see your pictures, and memories. thanks, Amber. So fun!-K


julie said...

I will look at my photo and post tomorrow.

Oh - I will be careful : )

Three Mommies said...

OK, I'm in, but it has to wait until Monday and it's Ba, not bah ;)

mamak said...

Bah on the ba then! My ba'd- Ho ho ha ha hee..... hee-K

MamaLou said...

I will do now.
I have that game :)
Must look for it!

Amber said...

Oh great shot. Funny how looking at old pics takes you back. Thanks for

Kim said...

Ok I'm so in! But I have a dumb question...what folders? I have all my pics on iPhoto...I'm lost :)