Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am posting!

Gosh, I feel like a negligent blog person. It's just that we have been so busy doing our stuff and stuff. 
We have gone back to doing learning activities in the morning. The kids really enjoy the busy work. K has a big drive to read and write at this moment so we dove in, and he is doing great. It's slow work, but he is enjoying the process. M really wants to get her many thoughts onto paper, so we have been doing lots of writing. She really wants to write short stories. She was frustrated by not being able to just write. that is hard stuff for a beginner writer who has huge amazing thoughts. We were missing something in our day, a predictable rhythm. My kids really like to know what to expect. They always did pretty well with complete free time, but as winter wore on, it became harder to find things that went peaceably well with each other. They were tired of crafts, experimenting, and baking. The art room has lost it's appeal. We started back up with really light child led morning lessons, and now at two weeks in, it's a welcome part of the morning, and the afternoon is the perfect amount of time to do whatever we wish.
We feel full.  We started a unit study from Moving beyond the page. It has been cool because it has us talking and delving into concepts and thoughts that I would have not thought of talking about myself. Not any stuff that the kids would have never been exposed to in real life at some point, but stuff that they are excited about now, that would not occur to me. Like being a citizen, good and services, delving into communities. Anyway, it has relit our flame in a season of low light. 
So anyway, sometimes taking a new path when the old seemed weary is the way to a new view when one is needed. It's the journey that counts.
Hmm. So let's see what's in the camera.
Wow, this was like two weeks ago.
 Julie's wednesday playgroup!
My Frankenbird!
and daisy's,
Carly is back to her angel self.
No more spook!
E is a cowboy.
We think Oreo has done his job!
 Can't wait for June babies!
 Mummified mouse!
of creations.
Finally free 
Winter playground.
M's first sewing lesson.
Learning how to guide the thread,
A bag that used to be my Pajamas!
So that's been us. I am craving spring. I have a good six weeks of craving left. I want to do and be all things summer. I am in a winter rut. It's so cold... Just when you are so done with winter, there is more winter.
I'm all like a junkie. Instead of somebody's roach, I am all crocus, anybody got a tree bud, or a green stem? Just a little... man.   Help a sister out, yo-K


Dawn said...

Looks like a wonderful time!
Abram is already asking when we will be visiting you again!!

Three Mommies said...

Spring *sigh* I feel so tired of winter and yet there is so much more winter to come. The northeast is a fickle lover. It warms you in December offering you coziness and companionship. Then January dawns and it's grown cold and icey. February is frozen and long that it lasts until March when the northeast teases you with small flowers and bits of color. In April it grows wet and heavy, almost pregnant with Spring, and you think of leaving for some warmer part of the world and forgetting about this one altogether. Finally in May, the New England woos you back with flowers and bright blue skies and soft green grass and you forget about the cold and the snow and that this lover will leave you again when November rolls around.

Spring *sigh*

Stephanie said...

It's soooo easy (for us) to get bored at this time of year.
Even bored with activity, you know?

I think that's where Trev is... I think mostly he just wants to either hibernate, or to play in the spring sunshine, when we get it.
Anything else is "blah, no thanks" for him.