Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy post

I am coming out of my funk, and am feeling better. We got some pretty good news about a sick friend, that it may be okish in the long run.
We won't know for sure until her surgery to stage the cancer.
I think my body is strung out from all the good vibes that I have been trying to pass off to all the sick people and animals who are in my life right now.
So, I did what any normal soul would do. The kids and I headed to the local store and bought tons of ingredients of the sweet and comforty sort to satiate our need for a large fuzzy hug of the gastronomic kind.
 Anyhow, here are some pictures that have been living in my camera.
Kids had aquarium and seaport class again this month. M and K wound up severely disliking the aquarium class. So they chose to drop out and use that time to really poke around the aquarium.
A Piranha!
 Which led to much youtubing when we got home.
 Some people are disturbed.
 That's all I am saying.
 A playful seal
 My fav,
upside down jellyfish.
And this one
 Mesmerizing. I think folks who suffer from high blood pressure should have a tank of these and some Enya playing in their house.
 I think they would be mighty alrighty.
A cute shark.
 Not all sharks could be called cute, ya know?
They had shark and skate egg cases that they cut a window in, and you could see the developing embryos at different stages.
 How awesome is that?
We felt sorry for this one. He seemed bullied as he was not in any school.
Ha Ha, get it?
Funny me.
The tripy anemones.
Moving onto the seaport. 
 The kids really like this class!
to fish
The arctic display
Cool( warm) inuit clothes
Walrus tusk, and Narwhale thingies.
I love the smiling moon one!
Salty dog stuff.
We love our once a month day trips to all things ocean.-K


Three Mommies said...

I love the igloo, but Ethan gets creeped out by the artifacts at that exhibit. He's such a wonderfully sensative guy.

Amber said...

I have tagged you for a game, come and play along my lovely friend. Hope you are

Lori said...

this looks spectacular! :^D