Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great day of love

Well, that's nearly everyday but Saturday was the day when you are supposed to make it a focus and celebrate it a little more loudly.
 So we did.
 A had to go off to work, so we all woke up to give him a little lovely cupid like shove off that morning.
The kids had a card and a gift all wrapped up that even I was not privy to.
 A hand made and painted love heart for his office.
E read us his love.
 And look a gift for the Mama!
 Me? You shouldn't have.
My world is now so complete. My very own pet rock!
Folks just look at it. It's a glorious thing, and I am beyond thrilled.
 I can't take it. It has hearts for ears. AND googly eyes. I am a rather large fan of gifts with googly eyes.
 It is perfect.
Then we gifted each other with two pieces of chocolate, because that was even division of the contents of the box.
I made a heart out of dough and left it on the counter.
 Somebody ate it, not sure who. I hope it made them smile.
 Then we made a Valentines day cake.
 It was very pink and sprinkly.
It had fans. ( don't mind the dirty face, he was an Indian. A REAL warrior!)
Big ones.
 Gotta love love!-K


Amber said...

Oh beautiful. Lots of love there. One lucky little

Three Mommies said...

I had to laugh out loud at K's face! Ryan has been completely into magic marker body art lately his face and arms and chest are continuously striped. In fact, I haven't found a place on him that isn't colored wildly.

Happy Valentine's day (slightly late).