Monday, February 9, 2009


Wow! The days have been floating by, and I too, feel like I am floating. The days of winter are numbered and spring is still far away. I feel the sunshine warm my cheek, see how bright it's becoming, the days are longer, the chickens are egg machines. Just a little bit longer and those long, sultry, languid days ready to be filled up doing "nothin" in the great outdoors are ours!
 I have been feeling so lazy this week. Even with blogging. It seemed like the energy to do it has been just out of my reach. So today after a very busy two days, I said, sit down and do it. 
 So here we go.
 A few days ago, on Thursday, we just had a day of exploring.
 K explored an alter ego, all day. His name was Star God of Elastic.
And we found a box of science stuff that we lost the instructions to. So I had to figure things out, or make up experiments, with all the stuff.
 And it worked out well.
We made a hydroplane with a Styrofoam boat and ballon, but it ended up in the tub.
And then like most of our science,
 it went silly.
Then we decided to drop some water balloons off the deck.
 Mostly because we could.
The kids made 
bubble solution
 and it took like an hour 
for them to get the mixture just right. I tried to not pay attention, so they would not ask for help. And they all worked together and each tried best they could for the common goal, and it was so lovely.
Floating paper clip, so cool. 
youtube it!
 which trailed off to stonehenge, and mayan calendars, which led to enjoying a fine chocolate called Mayan gold, and a discussion on antioxidants, which led to coffee and what fair trade is.
Practicing his name.
Which led, to practicing a lot.
Sight word bingo
You know, one of those days.-K