Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day two of Granny

So we all awoke and ate a big ass breakfast. The kind of breakfast with all kinds of stuff just waiting to be had at.
Love those Sunday morning breakfast.
It happened to be super bowl Sunday. We are not much for the game, but all about the junky food.
So we invited some friends,
made things,
 and ate somethings,
and then we chilled out.
Took Grammy up to meet the horse,
 and the other things that bring us joy.
 We wore her out! M read her a bedtime story, and tucked her in at 8:30 p.m
 The next morning, we drove Grammy home. We loved having her, and she was so happy to be here with us. The kids all want her back, as do we, for another visit in a month or so. The kids were so patient and kind to her. It was great.
 Really great.
On our way back home we stopped at our old stomping grounds. We spent a lot of time at Earthplace in the past, and made some great friends there.
 Namely this gem, who will be mortified by his mug on here, but whatever.
 It was really great to see you again. We miss you.
The kids found themselves on the wall, 
played with my favorite toy,
spied the roaches,
 and made silly distorting mirror faces, 
and climbed THE bear,
 Then we hit Stew's for lunch. Saw the milk line thingy,
Went to eat at the picnic tables,
but apparently they remove them for the winter,
SO we had to settle for a pallet.
But we got ice cream so whatever.
 Next, we headed over to the aquarium, and went on a 3D moving Indiana Jones archeologist type ride.
Our luck brought us a broken bulb, and we watched the repair process, which involved a kevlar vest,
We did typical Aquarium things.
 Stingray love,
seal feed,
Aweing the turtle,
 more touching,
goofy being,
and frogs.
Then we came home and made dog food. It was really easy, and now I feel better that they aren't eating tumors and stuff.
The end-K


Stephanie said...

Your days make me laugh.
They're always so full. :)

And I loveloveloved the art one the other day - just not around long enough to say so!!
I'm in for Tea Thinks.

Pax said...

Aaargh!!!! When did you have that camera out! I was going to thank you for the great tasting eggs and for stopping by and making me smile, but now...