Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chicken disaster

Well, I have some bad news about our chickens. They are sick. It's running through the whole flock. One is dead, three look like they are on their way out, and more are showing signs by the hour.
It appears to be infectious coryza.
 The small chicken in this photo is E's favorite.
Her name is Mama Chicken, and she looks the worst infected.
 He is sad.
 She is a special bird to us because she was our very first.
She puts up with a lot of crap from E.
She is kind and an easy catch despite E's "Of Mice and Men" animal handling.
Thank you, sweet creature. You are a noble steward that fostered a rough lad's swooning love for chickens.
 Oh, such sadness for Mama Chicken.
I hope they recover quickly, and many don't die. It looks like unless we finish this flock out and sanitize extensively, wait a few months and start with a whole new batch, we will always have a coyza positive flock.
That sucks.
 But I am not culling them all to get a clean flock.
 So, it is what it is.
 Well, I guess we'll just see how it progresses. They look miserable, some severe, not eating or drinking. 
A is bringing medicine home today, and hopefully it will help.
 Please send healing vibes for Mama Chicken especially, or maybe even peaceful passing ones.-K


Stephanie said...

Oh, K - I'm so sorry!!
I'm so sad for you and your (large) family.
Sending loves right away.

Pax said...

Hoping that things work out.

Dawn said...

I hope it isn't has bad as you are fearing it will be.

julie said...

Oh geez I am so sorry to hear about the chickens. I hope the medicine helps that A brings home.

denise said...

Oh, poor chickens. Hope things turnaround for the good.