Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Art room adventures

and a weekend visit with Great Grandma! We have been busy, and it seems like the days are passing quickly. I hope it keeps up so spring gets here and we are not holed up waiting on her.
We have been spending some time in a creative way.
 We have been gearing up for Valentine's day.
M was about hearts and love,
 the boy's are all glitter and glue.
Piling up
 M has been whipping up random snacks lately.
 It's great.
This one was fruit cocktail with cut up carrots and pickles.
It's an acquired taste.
 We keep the giant art book Uncle Brian gifted us with at the table, and the kids love looking through it.
Whipped up some treats, and back at the art.
 Things beginning to form.
War paint?
spin it now
Oh, porcupine!
With Great grandma now.
Oh, A can cook, have I told you?
Ja Rasta.
 Bread crumbs.
That's using your head!
Half gone!
Designing now.
My guys!
Onto day two!
With Great Grandma!

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Amber said...

Wow you have such lovely days...i love the dragon..xx