Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waldorf wednesday

was yesterday at our dear friend Julie's house. We all have such a nice time there. So refreshing and calm
and soothing.
 Started with free
 The Mama's continued with their handwork.
 Remember the birds?
 Mine is still bird like, but my stitches got wonky.
Frankenbird, I say.
 All I have left to do is attaching the wings,
 Go me!
 The kids helped prepare snack,
 and ate snacks, of course.
The story told was of the Crystal Queen, and of King Winter.
That is E's leg trying to trip the King. Because E is so very Waldorf.
I was responsible for the craft this time. In keeping with the crystal/wintery theme, I choose to do the "crystal pretties", that Steph at OLM inspired me to do.
They turned out great!
  Next, we moved on to circle time
 this little cube of sugar was my special friend that day. 
Almost makes me want another.
Another mom brought crystals and gems to show the kids.
So cool
so very cool.
We went on to the library for a story and a craft.
 We did puzzles
and checked out a boat load of books and movies of Dinos, sharks, amphibians, the seashore.


Stephanie said...

Aaaw, I love those sort of days!

RunninL8 said...

I must be loosin it. i could swear i commented on this post. Oh, well,-what a great day! Your so fortunate to have such a wonderfully waldorfy place to play!

Linda said...

This looks wonderful, thanks for sharing....