Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's funny, how many interesting and random folks we strike up conversations with.
We went to have some holes punched in the saddle, so the stirrups would adjust more for the kids.
The cobbler, are they still called that? Anyway, he loved that the kids were speaking and joking with him. He said something that I found sad. He said as he was holding E and tossing him in the air and catching him, that he really likes kids, but he never talks to them or ruffles their hair, because he is afraid the Parents would freak out.
He says that most kids don't look at him or smile or talk because of the whole stranger danger thing. I have always wondered why adults and kids don't really get playful or just strike up conversations. So sad, and so much wisdom on both ends being lost.
 No random connections.
 Man, I remember chatting strangers up all the time as a kid...
Anyway, then a correction officer of all people walked in, and my kids wanted to talk about all kinds of police stuff.
 Then, to get even stranger, they started singing their favorite Christmas carols to each other, and he told them about his favorite childhood Christmas morning memory.
He said again, that he really enjoyed my kids, and haven't come across really friendly kids like that in a LONG time. 
I found it strange, that two adults on the same day told me that.
 Homeschooling never came up, but I would have loved to bust open that whole pesky socialization thing.
 But I just kept quiet and beamed. 
Anyway, then it gets weirder. Later that day, the kids had guitar lessons. While K was at his lesson, M, E, and I, took our dog for a walk at the park. Our dog made fast friends with a delightful Sheperd. Again, my kids talked the ear off the Sheperd's owner. They talked about lots of stuff really. So again, this man comments on how precocious the kids are. 
But then in his next breath, goes on to ask if I was single or divorced!
 So maybe he was just buttering me up...
 But regardless, that was just one of those days that you know the course you travel on, is a true one.-K


Stephanie said...

Aw, K, what a dreamy post!

You've made my heart smile. Thanks so much!

denise said...

That is wonderful. My sons are very social too, and chat with every kind of person everywhere we go. I love it.

Dawn said...

Your kids are GREAT!!!
LOL ~ he wanted to ask you out!! What did A think of that? ;-)

Anonymous said...

this was so much fun to read. even though my kids are shy their curiousity about everything and everyone gets the best of them. they end up wanting to talk to loads of people. their japanese is limited though and so i always end up asking the questions for them in my very basic childlike way of speaking. it's sometimes hard for them to decipher what i'm saying and eventually everyone ends up giggling.
fun times all around i tell you.