Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sea Monkeys

Oh yes! 
Strap on your head lights,
and grab your magnifying lens
because, awww yeah! We are hatching out sea monkeys, AKA brine shrimp.
We hopped on you tube and watched a lot of videos about them.
That was a good time.
They hatched in 24 hours.
We hope to grow 'em big!
 Eeek, they can live for two years......-K


RunninL8 said...

Hi from Alaska!
I forgot all about those crazy things! Always used to find them at the check-out of grocery stores!
next, you'll have to get a Grow-A-Frog! What a trip! And they live for about 30 years!!!

Beverly said...

I have seen them at Michael's craft store, of all places. Maybe we'll have to try it. I wonder if the cats would harass them?
Have fun!