Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Nigel memorial snack

Nigel's ashes came home. M single handedly set up the table with candles, biscuits, his collars, the whole bit.
She wanted to celebrate her dog, to remember.
So we pulled out some cake, and sat down.
We laughed about smelly farts,
cute faces,
playing catch,
dancing for dinner,
and possibly the worlds softest ears.
She brought a sense of closure to us all.  We laughed and remembered only happy things about our good boy. 
M is so sensitive about these things, and can effortlessly organize a simple, yet effective event.
 It's amazing how kids can grasp and carry out such an emotional load, just by means of love and joy in their hearts.
Kids are due so much more credit then we tend to give them.
 Don't you think?-k


julie said...

What a nice memorial for Nigel!

Ryan was very sad after we left your house about Nigel and had to tell Sage and his dad. He tried so hard not to cry. He misses him too.
I did not tell him about Nigel, so when M told him it was the first he heard of it. I should of told him...

Heart Rockin Mama said...

What a sweet memorial. We do have such thoughtful, sensitive kids, don't we?

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Will you all be coming to the Northeast Unschooling Conference over Labor Day?

Amber said...

Oh that is lovely. What a healthy way to let your children grieve and express. What a happy celebration of a special little life...xx

Anonymous said...

sounds so sweet and tender. i'm glad you all got closure. and dear Nigel got a fabulous send off. his spirit is soaring!