Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The MLK sleep over and the 11 kid play date

Well, M had two girlie friends who get along brilliantly, sleepover on MLK eve, because they did not have school the next day. 
Even though they are  11, 9 and 7,
they all mesh so very well.
 E fell head over heels for this one,
 because she played the funny face game with him forever.
The boys and I
 baked up
 a sweet cake.
Even though M's birthday was weeks ago, 
it did look like a birthday cake. 
So she slapped some candles on it,
 and we did some singing,
and she some wishing
and all of that sort of thing went over grand.
 Then there was all kinds of tenting, and ghost stories, and sugar, and then complete shut down.
The next day brought us more fun and friends. 
11 total, great snakes...
We chickened,
and carroted the horse.
Such a star, that one.
 This merriment went on for a long bit. 
Some recovered via youtube.
Another with a hot cup of love, her feet elevated, doing nothing but enjoying the stillness.-K

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