Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely so far

We started our day with playing around
 with some new toys,
Then we whipped us up a delicious batch of Barack Obrownies.
Yes we did.
We headed south to inaugriate with hummus and chips
in and out of a 5 man tent.
 K dug the yo yo ma and others string concert piece
Then the long awaited this
and a really warm Obrownie to make the belly feel just as good as the mind at that moment.
Then Carly got her feet trimmed
So really, it was a day off scraping out all the old crap that's been hanging on for too long, and starting fresh and clean.-K


Amber said...

Alright...what good changes they are that have happened.
Out with the old and yipeee in with the new. The world is smiling today..xx

Anthony said...

I sure am hoping for change and good things to come for sooo many reasons.