Saturday, January 17, 2009


So Ladybug Zen has tagged me to list six things that bring me happiness.
 Well, Ok!
The first would be my kids.
of course.
 The second is the path we chose in terms of education.
The third, is the fact that my family gives me no guff about the path I have chosen in terms of educating  our kids.
The fourth is all my animals.  Oh, how we love them. I had a hard time listing them as four.
 the fifth is the solace and peace I find in the woods. My place of spirit, I believe. Why would any one confine their essence in a church, when there is the woods?
The fifth is watching my kids work the creek for frogs.
Lastly, The internet. I love the internet. I really REALLY dig the internet. 
 So then, that's my list. I need to pass it on now.
 So I choose:



RunninL8 said...

Great list! And congrats!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Thank you for the award. And for all of your comments. I love it!