Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Disorganization woes

Well, not really disorganized, but sort of not as kid friendly/functional as I wanted. So we set out to revamp the living room and the old school room.
You see, I started out using the well drained mind as a beginning point for homeschooling. That nearly did my poor kid in. The next year, we just started to piece our own stuff. That was better, but still the poor kid hated it. Then we stopped everything, so my kid would find the joy in learning again. Deschooling came into play, and I thought they were bored, so I bought a literature rich curriculum. That went well for about two months, and then I became task master and them uninspired work sheet churning blobs. 
 Not so great.
So, then we really embraced unschooling and in the last 18 months have never been happier, have never seen my kids pick up more books,
question everything,
learn how to find info,
 play games,
learn from everything they do
 turn everything
into an experiment,
and the info passed on through casual conversations is far superior to anything that can be gleaned from a dry text, or any rote fact obtained through mind numbing work books, EVER.
 So anyway, I digress, what was I saying?
Oh yes, making these rooms more inclusive.
See we had this game closet,
jammed packed with brilliant games, that did not get used enough, because they weren't in the kids line of sight,or easily accessible by them.
The kids really like games.
So to find a spot for them, I had to rearrange to filled book shelves to stick them there.
Then to make the school room less schooly
and more of a resource room, project area. I don't know what to do to get them back in there. They associate that area with boring things, and they never choose to wander in there. I have to figure out what to do to make it a place they would choose to enter.
 Anyway, redistribute books, and clear some shelves for the games.
It was a start, and K did go in and have a few turns at some games
he has not played in eons!
So the shelves in the living room look more like this,
and this,
and in the old schoolroom more like this.
I started leaving little baskets about the house filled with different books which I will change around every week or so, you know, strewing.
She could not resist.
We had enough organizing and revamping for one day, so E made us a snack in his usual uniform.
 Then we headed out for a swim with friends.
having fun,
Back home again to find a package from Uncle Brian and Aunt Michelle!
 This super cool book of art.
 Thanks guys!
Onto games, hot cocoa, and stuff, on this snowy, snowy day.-K

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Stephanie said...

Aaah, I have a similar cupboard in my livingroom!
Filled (spilling over messily, usually) with things we're interested in or have played often with over the last week or so.

We don't use our Rumpus Room much, either. Maddie does, but Trev rarely does. I figure it's okay for it to be a "when friends come over" room (the littles always go down there to play), or a fabulously friendly (and organized) storage closet. :)
Every time we go down there to get one thing in particular, we head upstairs with six arms full of happy things.
And the things that are in "the cabinet" find their way back to their regular homes.
Don't lose heart. They'll soon realize that many of their favorites are in there, and they'll quit crossing themselves when they pass by The Door. :)