Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, Carly has been settling in. We are getting used to each other. She is doing well, EXCEPT when you try and ride her.
 She is spooking every time we ride her. Last week, I passed on riding because she was just pulling crap. A is more brave and doesn't seem scared. Me, I am a nervous nelly, and I am sure she picks up on it. Part of me wishes that I just got a bombproof larger pony for the kids to hack around on. The other half of me wants to see her through and stick with it. Right now, she is just too dangerous for the kids to ride, which blows chunks because Umm, I bought her for the kids.
Maybe it's because she is the only horse, or the area is new, and we are new.  I need to get her used to the goats so she has some pasture mates. She just chases them away as of now. I need to get the electric fence up so the goats can be out with her all of the time. Perhaps she will be more at ease.
 She was so very good at her old barn. Never spooked. Maybe because we are greenish riders and she is a green horse, she is taking advantage of us. 
 I want this to work out, but my kids come first. 
I will give her more time and have some training done on her with her former owners assistance. 
We'll see. The Horse trainer/ former owner is coming tomorrow. I will update more then.
Man, I am bummed. She is so darn sweet, not to mention beautiful.
I think she may need someone with more experience train her.
 I will update more when I know more. I am so trying to keep the faith!-K