Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi there!
 I did not exactly mean to not post for this long...
 but that is how my ball bounced.
And this big, delightful, love muffin, has captured all of my spare moments!

 Since Sunday afternoon.
 And we like her SOOO much!
Remember this barn of ours?
 Well, look at it now!
 It is pretty now, and I love going up there.
 It took nearly a year to get it done,
 but it is beyond awesome to really have it.
 And to have her in it.
I thank my lucky stars everyday, and really should thank my husband even more for this gift, this life.
 For me, for us, but mostly for the kids.
Having all this life around who depend on us, and who we tend with so much love,
is the best lesson they will ever have.-K


Dawn said...

That is wonderful!! Abram talks about you guys often. He wants to visit again soon.

Stephanie said...

The barn/stable is gorgeous!
Happy Settling Into!

Kim said...

Absolutely! What a great way to grow up!! The barn is beautiful...congrats!