Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waldorf inspired Wednesdays

Where, say you?

 Why at Waldorf Julies, of course!
 We are so lucky to have Julie and Ryan in our life. They have turned out to be the most wonderful friends. I am so happy that we crossed paths that day oh, about three years ago.
Julie has started a bi-monthly playgroup which is morphing into a Waldorf inspired co-op of sorts.
Anyway, it's a lovely few hours and we all enjoy our time crafting, playing and the like.
 This meet up we free played in Ryan's serene playroom. Sorry about the image quality. I forgot my little camera, and had to rely on phone.
The mamas started a stuffed bird ornament project.
Mine is a blue one, and I just hope that it will end up resembling a bird like creature. I will show you the end result though!
 We were very lucky to have a daddy join in. He is so great with the kids.
He was showing them how to juggle, a feat K desperately wants to tackle!
 The kids took a break and a few of them organized a group photo on the couch.
 What a cute bunch of muskrats, eh?
Then we moved on to some yummy hungry tummy filling sweetness.
Bring on the craft!
Pretty mosaic stars for windows!
They looked so cheery and full of star joy drying there on the floor.
 This is how they appear in one lucky persons window.
 They DO bring a smile to your face even on the most overcast of winter days. They do, those carefully created kiddie stars. 
Can you kind of tell that I really like these stars?
Huh, can ya?
Anyway, we moved on to circle time.
We used Julie's infinite supply of wispy silks to be trees and wind and leaves.
We even buried a cute baby in our silky leaf pile. 
 It was a giggly wiggly pile for sure.
Then we did some movement things. I am not sure what the technical name for this is in Waldorf speak.
But they used their hands to be squirrels running around their tree trunk bodies.
 E, my sweet beamish boy, especially adored these movement games. He was so sweetly captivated by the imaginative play that was unfolding. Time marches on. A year ago, he would have been a whirlwind of unrivaled testosterone rampaging along like a baby elephant.
My big boy.
Next, Ryan most kindly lit their imaginary lanterns,
so they could have journey around the house.
Julie, fine creator of most beloved puppet shows,
gave us the tale of the Ginger Bread Man.
It was onto more free play, into the car, to home, and more pool swimming with Daddy.
Thanks for everything, Julie. You have enriched the days that we spend together more than you know.-K

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Elemental Handcrafts said...

This post almost made me cry. In a good way. :)
I love your blog!