Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Speed racers

My kids wanted to try and drive. They see me do it all the time. I remember loving to do this as well. 
 So it wasn't hard finding an empty playground parking lot at 12 noon on a friday this time of year. 
They steered,  I did the peddles...
 Here we go!
Youngest first, 
so as we don't have to listen to the screeching wails of My Turn!
 Looking out for curbs, and telling him to go the other way!
K did well, a few curbs, 
but he loved it when I stepped on the gas!
 Here she goes.
Very cautious and precise.
She had fun and learned to like going with a little speed.
 Take your kids for a drive! They will be so happy that their hair will do weird stuff


Heart Rockin Mama said...

So much fun. I love that you took their desires seriously and found a safe way to make them happen. Awesome!

Stephanie S. said...

Trev's been asking, too!!
We're waiting for the church parkinglot to be open (they lock the gate) so that we can.
'Cept not on Sundays!! :)
(Which is why we haven't done it yet.)

Trev will have to do it on my lap, though - we have a suv, and it's a standard transmission (stick)!

Eric got all "I'm not gonna!) and I was so shocked and surprised.
"But Daddy's are the ones to teach to drive!" said I.
"At fourteen, not seven!! said He.
prim sniff.
I'm sure I can't see the difference.

Anonymous said...

WOw! You are the coolest mom ever!