Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the fly Christmas wreath

A had to trim a few of the lower branches of off the tree. So we had these branches laying here in the living room. The kids immediately took them to he art room, and started at them with the scissors. 
What are we going to make with these branches?
Then it started forming.
We used the trusty gun to glue the parts together in a circle.
We picked out all kinds of art room doo dads to place on it.
Now this is not your ordinary traditional wreath coming together here.
Like anything on the Creek is traditional though....
E liked to cut up paper to make bits of snow.
 Of course with no pants. 
He is just so eco friendly, with all the minimal clothes washing. 
Just seven shirts a week. 
YOU try and beat that!
 Our project is all glued up and pretty much ready to hang.
 Man, do you think Santa will think he is in New Orleans for a second?
We dig our wreath! It's a thing of beauty.-K


Sarah said...

That is a cool wreath! Such creativity at work!

I'm laughing at your laundry sitch. My two year old is still in that phase (no clothes actually - not even shirts), but her big sister makes up for it by changing 23 times a day. I think I'm going to get two laundry baskets - one for dirty clothes and one for clean, little worn clothes...

julie said...

awesome wreath guys!