Friday, December 19, 2008

Museum of Natural History

See the pretty, blurry, bridge!
We trekked into the city to meet some friends for a day at the museum. 
We were last there about two years ago. It's an amazing place, and we still haven't seen the whole thing.
This time around we explored the ocean area with the giant blue whale suspended from the ceiling. That was a lovely, peaceful,  place to be. It was sort of dark like the depths of the ocean.
This was K's favorite exhibit.
Such a fan of squid, that one.
Next, we spent a ton of time in the hall of biodiversity.
That was a great, great spot. That had things suspended from the ceiling.
 There were floor to ceiling eye treats.
Look at the size of this lobster!
 Look at this creepy giant Mosquito
On the way through the lobby area, they have the most intense Christmas tree. 
It is decorated with the most incredible pieces of Origami.
We stood and took it all in for a very long time.
 We kept discovering new things that made us point and squeal.
Look at that! 
Can you believe a whole T Rex?
And this was one of my faves,
 a Mantis.
A Rattler, 
and to it's right an iridescent scarab beetle!
 One of the best features was the tree top.
 It was rotating Pterodactyl.
 They just orbited the tree. 
So cool!
 They had a table set up so the kids could try their hand at Origami.
They all made candy canes. None survived the long adventure, I am sorry to say. We also saw a private exhibit of Horses. I wasn't allowed to take photos, but I googled these!
It was ok. 
 Expensive for what it was..
 I liked this wood horse sculpture though!
 Next was Dinosaurs,
There was room,
 after room, 
It was awesome!
I have never seen
 so many dinosaurs.
We even saw the dino that was a major charector in the movie, "Night at the Museum".
Lastly, we checked out some space stuff. The kids were starting to melt, and were all going in different areas. So not a lot of pictures of space stuff.
 This one was in the Big Bang Theater.
 So it was a fun day, a big one.
 It included a 5 hour round trip drive in heavy traffic at some points. 
Next time, a train.
 Also, I have a big bone to pick. The prices to enjoy this museum were outrageous and very prohibitive. I am sure a lot of people simply can't afford to go. Let me break down some numbers.
To gain entrance and to see the horse exhibit, which was an add on for a family of five was 90.00
Food, A and I split a sandwich, and a soup, got no drinks. M got a cheese burger, the boys a hot dog each. They all split an order of french fries, they each got a strawberry milk. The total was 52.00 
We parked in the museum parking garage for about 3 1/2 hours. for a whopping 31.00. If you are paying to visit the museum, can't they make parking a decent fee? 
They get you coming and going.
 I would love to trek to the city now and then to take it all in, but with the way things are, it's not going to work like that.
 I was blown away, really.
 It's really a shame that a lot of families won't be able to enjoy such an amazing resource.
We are on the 2-3 year plan, if that.
So beside my sticker shock, it was a lovely place, and we had a great day.
 I just wish ...-K


Stephanie said...

How wonderful!!!
Ooooh, we would be beside ourselves if we could ever get to that one. I'm sure you already know that about us, but really... we'd be squealing and jumping for days and days before-hand!
So awesome!
Sounds like the actual entrance was the cheapest part!... definitely the train next time.
What an amazing place.

Three Mommies said...

Just FYI, the entrance fee is suggested, and by that it means you can pay whatever you wish to go in. A penny for the whole group will get you in just as easily as the full suggested admission.

I love that place. I spent hours of my childhood in there precisely because the admission was suggested not mandatory. :)

mamak said...

Well, Hmm, when we entered, They said how many? We said two adults and three kids and they told us what to pay! I saw no signage. I would have gladly given a 50. Grrr.- thanks for that tip!-K