Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday swim time

On Mondays, we have been enjoying swimming with other homeschooly friends in a YMCA that boasts the most amazing swim space.
We have really been enjoying our time there.
It's like a 5 star hotel pool. 
Or something.
And it's warm.
We played, 
 stair sat,
 water hugged,
 lounged with girls,
 and with boys,
 played with other peoples Mommy's.
Good stuff.
 Next, we headed over some friends house to eat a taco dinner,
which was outstanding, as all taco dinners are.
We listened to Maria's lovely dulcimer playing. I really like the song she played.
She claims she is just a beginner, but really, she is darn good.
Then we sang a little happy birthday to Aiden,
who turned 9!
And we watched his dad cut the birthday cake with a ginormous sword.
 Then we played a lot.
 And returned home, quite full.
 The End.-K

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