Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Great Nigel debacle

Our good trusty, loyal, faithful friend with fur, Nigel; went on the lam the day of the impending snow storm. We were freaked out for two reasons. The first being, we are between two major routes that are death walks for dogs. The other reason is that Nigel is a Dobie with a really short coat, he is perpetually skinny with no fat to warm him, and he is a certified wimp who would be terrified in snowy dark woods.
 "Oh Nigel, where are you?"
 The mantra was repeatedly muttered in the mini van as we searched with wide eyes through out our town's winding woody roads for THREE hours.
"Oh, Nigel...
 Ok guy's, we have to drop off our cards and handmade items to the Children's hospital before the snow comes. 
We'll get back on the search right after."
We dropped off the items as fast as a Mom with three kids and a large box, parked at meter with only 12 min. because we could only muster a quarter, could. 
 We headed back home for a quick lunch, and a solid plan to spiral out from the house with the windows down, yelling.
 We saw the first few early bird flakes. 
The moseying languid kind.
The Phone rang!
Animal Control,  next town over, had captured our wild haired dog!
The snow was coming quick now.
We arrived,
We entered,
Posted bail.
You knucklehead..
You could have been...
 Don't ever do that again!

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Dawn said...

So sorry to hear about Nigel. He was a great dog. A big pudge!