Friday, December 5, 2008

The gift of sharing

and caring about others. That's where we have been trying to put a bit of focus this month. We have been working on a related badge for our Earth Scouts group this month.
So as a group we decided that we would spread a little cheer and thought to someone who was not fully able to grasp the holiday merry this time around.
cards for sick children who were in the hospital. My kids were really happy that their little works of wonder just may put a smile on a kids face. A kid like them, but one who isn't feeling  so good. One who probably just wants to be in their own living room during this time.
Anyway, we then headed out to meet as a group, and bust out some super magnificent tree decorations in force.
 Look out! 
They were on some kind of mission!
The decorations will be used to adorn a lovely festive tree that we will donate to a local hospitals children's wing.
It was one of those days when you look around at your kids, and what they are doing, and who surrounds them, and you feel good.-K


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Stephanie S. said...

Aaaw, yay! Looks lovely.