Monday, December 1, 2008

First almost snow

I say this because we have had some teeny bouts of flurries, and on Sunday we had a dusting.
Almost snow!
Anyway, the kids, well the boys, had a grand time for a bit running around with their shovels.
M almost made it out there, but she got a bit hung up emotionally. She has been a crier lately, and I am not sure why. Probably something she is working through, and it will pass. Her boots felt tight, and her snow pants were too fluffy. It was terrible, and so she opted out. I am going to see if she wears thinner socks if that will help her, if not, we'll just go boot shopping. I can't really help her with the snow pants though, they are actually not that puffy..
She went out a bit just to do some flake catching. That cheered her up a little.
Anyway, I thought that putting together the gingerbread house might cheer her up even more.
So she helped make the icing.
A helped to get the tiny candies in place.
We were making stress free progress for a bit there.
We did not let it dry long enough, and when we turned it, the front started running.
So E got the perfect job for his busy, candy stealing, finger dipping, frosting licking self.
He was put on hair dryer duty.
It worked like a charm!
For him and the house.
Then the roof happened in no particular way.
E got back to work.
Not too bad!
M set up the scene.
I give it less than a week until total annihilation.-K


Stephanie S. said...

I loved your keeping his little thievin' fingers busy! :) Smart Mama, that one.
You'd think they'd at least wait 'til it was built, but no.
Last year ours was half gone before we even finished it!! lol
I was actually eying our kit today, thinking maybe....
Now you've reminded me. Maybe we'll do that later.

Dawn said...

The house came out really well!! Neat that A was home to help also.

Anne said...

What a gorgeous gingerbread house. I would like to make one of theses one day.

julie said...

Wasn't the snow fun. Ryan and I went out to throw snowballs at each other. The others thought it was too cold.

I like the gingerbread house - yummy