Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in the air

We heard that the local school has a tree lighting and holiday show of sorts. So we decided to check it out.
 Getting ready for Santa to arrive by horse drawn carriage.
 My kids do not like approaching Santa, never have. Not one of them. They know that it's some dude dressed up like Santa, so they figure what's the point. And it creeps them out a little.
 So we looked from right here.
There was a gingerbread house show,
 all made by local kids. 
They were super cool, 
and my kids really liked them.
 Especially, the castle.
 I wanted to lick this one,
 and this one too, just a little...
 But I totally refrained myself.
 Then there was this elf
 a very annoying, high pitched, migraine inducing elf.
 Daddy's were not allowed to sing with the elf.
There was school choir singing,
 and tree seeing.
It was a fun way to pass a night. Maybe we will go again next year, the kids are still debating. I asked M if going to school looked like fun. She said this was just a special night, and she wouldn't want to go all the time for one special night. And that the kids wouldn't talk to her when she approached them. She wasn't used to that reaction. No school for me, Mom.

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Amber said...

Wow they are some brilliant looking gingerbread houses.
As for the elf...hehehhe