Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bucky dropped by

Borrowed a stud goat to try and get this thing done!
 Meet Bucky.
Girls were very leary..
 He likes Mini it seems. That's good because I think she was just coming in heat, and leyla just out of it.
She has the best chance. He was very nervous, and not so happy to be here. So I think we will have to drag the girls over to his house if nothing happens this month. I reserved a baby buckling from another breeder to buy. Next year, this whole process will be less of  an ordeal when we have our own stud! Good grief....


Kim said...

Okay can i just say that I'm very amused by the whole goat love thing? Seriously...still chuckling a bit....:)

Anthony said...

Bucky is very handsome : )