Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Annual Advent spiral

Last week, we headed over to Julie and Ryan's for the annual advent spiral lighting. This is one of our favorite practices in the winter. It's beauty, serenity and the feeling of peace and hope, can't be beat. It turned out to be a small private matter, as the winter threw a curve ball, and many could not make it. Actually, the winter was feeling cheeky, and cancelled the second one, at our friend Steph's house as well.
 What is an Advent spiral, say you?
Steph's invite worded it best, and I quote,
 What is the Advent Spiral? Families and friends gather around a spiral of pine  boughs laid out in the middle of the room.  At the center of this spiral is a  candle, which is the only light glowing in the darkened silent room.  Everyone who wishes to enter the the spiral (young children can be accompanied by their parents) carries an apple with a candle set where the stem used to be.
This inward journey characterizes each of our paths during the dying away of nature in the darkening winter season.
Our careful inward journey leads to the Light at the center of the spiral, a representation of the light within our selves. The individual's candle is lit from this Light and is then carried out and  placed along the path of the out-going spiral.
The inner light spreads with each person and slowly, this small allegory of the Winter's darkness gets filled with warmly glowing light.
And so we glowed.
 We also enjoyed a puppet show.
We brought out advent candles home and had a lovely meal.
 Thank you, Julie.-K


julie said...

I am so glad that you guys wereable tobe a part of the spiral. It truly is a calming experience and it is even better sharing it with good friends.

Three Mommies said...

That sounds so cool. I think we need to try it. *adds it to next year's solstice activities*