Monday, December 1, 2008

33 hours alone

On Friday, my Parents took ALL three of my offspring and took them to a children's museum, a few playgrounds, a sleepover, breakfast with Santa,  and out to dinner on Saturday night before returning them back to me.
I had a huge block of quality time all for me! It was blissfully appreciated, and bizarre.
So what did I do?
Well it started with a cup of coffee, silence, and a magazine.
Quiet is erie.
Next, I arranged for a ride on Carly.
That was so much fun.
I bounced a lot.
When I came home from that, I discovered that A had come home for lunch and locked the door that I left unlocked because I did not have a key. Because I gave my keys to parents. And I had to pee. The only hope that I had to getting into my house was climbing up to the second floor and hope that a deck door was unlocked. I had to put one of those cars that kids move with their feet on top of a picnic table, and hoist my mushy 3x preggo mommy body up the rails.
This was most amusing and I laughed at myself. 
I had to stop that quick because with the laughing and the hoisting, I nearly peed myself.
 Anyway, I finally got myself up on the deck to only find all the doors locked. 
 So I swore a bit, and violently shook the door.
 It opened.
 I got to the bathroom with no time to spare and laughed some more.
Then I ate a really big thanksgiving left over plate
because I was such a stealthy person.
 Then I figured that there would not be a better time to wrap all of the presents.
 Then A and I read books, and talked, and all of the stuff that two parents would do when there were no kids in the house.
The next day, I was served breakfast in bed.
People it was good..
 Then I headed out alone. I even snapped a picture of me with no kids trailing behind. 
Couldn't believe it! 
I was going to take more lessons with Carly. This time on tacking up, grooming, and yes more riding.
 I totally needed Ibuprofen, as I was still a bit beat up from friday. 
I am still a bit sore.
Then I was able to grab A's gift, and even got the stocking candy. I am officially done with Christmas shopping!
 I came home, met up with A, and we headed over to Barnes and Nobles for some book perusing and coffee drinking.
 It was such a beautiful thing.
The kids arrived home around 6:30 ish, two sleeping boys and a very tired girl. It was great to have them back again.
 Also, in their absence, I have discovered that my house gets just as cluttered.
 So I will no longer use the kids as the excuse. I think I am just as bad!
 I feel refreshed mentally, and I am definitely giving that relaxed vibe back onto my kids. I think they enjoyed their break from us as well.
 We had such a great day today, so thanks Mom and Dad!-K


Stephanie S. said...

Oooooh, nice!
Mine was the opposite! :)

Anonymous said...

so cool. except for the almost peeing yourself part. i;m glad you made it in time.

julie said...

HOw great you got too spend some time to yourself. How fun was it to ride Carly!!