Monday, November 3, 2008

The weekend

Saturday the kids went riding.  Both are doing amazing. They did their first jump! Well, it was like a large step, but whatever!
There is a 3 year old Mare that is getting broke there. She is for sale, so mellow, sweet, and beautiful.
 She is black with a white blaze and socks.
 M has named her Carly.
 A and I talked a bit about her. If she turns out to be fine for kids, we are buying her!
 I will see if I need to put a deposit on her or what.
 I am excited, but nervous as I have never owned a horse. 
What better a way to learn than diving in....
 I will post a picture of her next weekend.
 I didn't want to take her picture or get my hopes up, just in case A said that it wasn't quite the right time.
 But it is!
 She would be ready in the spring.
After riding, we went to Julie and Ryan's house for a Puppet show and craft.
Julie has such a talent for story telling, crafting puppets and putting together a wonderful play.
My kids LOVE her shows.
This particular tale was of Witchymaroo, the pocket witch.
We also wet felted some pumpkins. 
There is something quite lovely about warm soapy water..
They came out great!
 I just love having all of these gourds, and crafts all over the house this time of year.
 Winter and fall are a more inward time for us, and we have copious amounts of time to just make stuff.
I love time.
Anyway, a funny thing happened yesterday.
I headed out to do some grocery shoping. I wound up doing amazingly well. Meaning, I actually was able to bring a good haul home and have money left over.
I was backing out of the parking lot, and this woman knocked on my window. She told me that her car died, and she needed 19.00. She went on to say that she worked for the V.A hospital and would mail me the money. She looked hard up, and I figured if she had enough gumption to ask for cash, then she probably needed it.
 I gave her 20.00 bucks.
And my address, just in case she would pay me back.
She went into the store.
 At least, she probably bought food with that money.
I pretty much knew that I would never see that money, but I felt good.
I get home and unpack the groceries, and K walks in with a hundred dollar bill.
 I ask him where he found it, and he said it was under the washing machine.
 Just sticking out a little....
The universe has a neat little way, or reminding you that what goes around, comes around.
M had a sleep over at a friends on Sat night, and when they drove her home last night, they stayed for dinner. 
 It turned out to be a terrific weekend, despite the fact that we had no plans!-K

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